Blueprint Builders

In the center of town sat sad old stones.
Once a building, they crumbled and groaned.
The Blueprint Builders saw what could be,
“Let’s clear the way for something happy!”

With hard hats on and traffic cones set,
The big yellow trucks got ready to sweat.
Tower Crane said, “We’ll start over there.”
It hoisted a wrecking ball with lots of care.
Smash went the ball. The stones fell down.
Windows and walls lay on the ground.
Demolition work went boom, boom, boom!
The old building collapsed by mid-afternoon.

“Bulldozer, now this mess is up to you,”
Tower Crane told the construction crew.
Bulldozer quickly got into gear
Dropped its blade, and started to clear.
Push, push, shove the stones rolled along,
The big machine was ever so strong.
When everything old was out of sight,
Bulldozer realized it was almost night.

“Blast!” went the horn. The day was done.
Tomorrow the trucks would start with the sun.

“Morning” said Tower Crane to the crew.
“Ok, Pile Driver – it’s your cue.”
The blueprints showed where to sink the steel.
The big truck looked at the rods with zeal.
Bang, bang, clank the machine drove down,
Pierced its drill into the ground.
Deep down low the steel beams stood.
They’d offer support to concrete and wood.
Pile driver done with its work for the site
Pulled up its drill and cleaned its bite.

“Blast!” went the horn. The day was done.
Tomorrow the trucks would start with the sun.

“Cement mixer, are you ready for your turn?”
The truck’s big belly answered with a churn.
It dropped a chute and started to pour
Heavy, wet concrete to make a new floor.
Glub, glub, swoosh went the sandy muck,
A new foundation flowed from the truck.
As the thick concrete settled nice and flat
The trucks shouted “hooray!” and that was that.

“Blast!” went the horn. The day was done.
Tomorrow the trucks would start with the sun.

“Blueprint Builders, it’s my turn today,
Everyone guide my cargo, okay?“
Tower Crane raised a beam with its boom.
Walls took shape, then some rooms.
Up, up, clank went the long steel beams,
Liquid metal welded the seams.
Sparks sprayed out into the air,
The trucks made the building level and square.
First one floor, two, then three,
The structure gained height very quickly.
Tower Crane hoisted a crown on top.
It settled in place with a loud ker-plop!

“Blast!” went the horn. The day was done.
Tomorrow the trucks would start with the sun.

“Good morning,” Tower Crane told the crew.
“Today’s a big day, we’re almost through.”
Forklift helped install the door,
Fitted windows and cleared the floor.
Beep, beep, beep went the lift’s alarm.
The warning noise kept others from harm.
Heavy lifting done, finish work could start.
The Blueprint Builders checked their chart.
Plumbing, electric, drywall too,
Everything installed, efficient and new.

The building now sparkled in the center of town.
It made people smile instead of frown.
So the big yellow trucks stacked their cones,
Got into gear and rolled on home.

“Blast!” went the horn. Their work was done.
Tomorrow a new job would start with the sun.


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