Picky Polly Prefers Pasta

Picky Polly prefers pasta
Anything else is gonna cost ya.
A single pea runs one cent
A green grape is twice that rent.

A nickel for an apple slice
A dime for a bite of rice
A quarter for a bit of steak
Fifty cents for half a hotcake.
A dollar for broccoli
A five spot for celery
Ten dollars for a plate of stew
Twenty to try anything new.
Picky Polly prefers pasta!
Anything else is gonna cost ya.
In the morning, very first thing
Picky Polly asks mom to bring…
A plate of pasta.
At lunch the request is nothing new,
“Only a plate of pasta will do”.
Dinner time, you might have guessed
A similar demand to all the rest.
And for dessert, what could it be?
“Yes, more pasta” says Picky Polly.
Imagine her pain when one day
No pasta was on her lunch tray
A slice of pizza stared at her
“A dollar a bite,” she said with a purr.
She picked it up, let the cheese run down
The mess made her start to frown
Her mom put a dollar on the plate
Picky Polly took a bite and wait…
Pizza is good! No, pizza is great!
Picky Polly ate the piece on her plate.
The piece on her plate disappeared.
Then just before her plate was cleared
“Mom, may I have one more slice?”
Picky Polly asked real nice.
Picky Polly chewed with a grin
She chewed with a grin with sauce on her chin.
Yes, she could eat pizza again.
Pizza again and perhaps then,
Some pasta.


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