Which Would You Choose?

Elephant ears, alligator tail
giraffe neck or shell of a snail…
given the option which would you choose?
One of those things or a pair of new shoes?

In my opinion, the ears are the best
you’d hear every whisper, song and request…
That’s no good when mom says “clean your room”
I’d hear it, then have to do it, I presume.

So it seems to me the tail would be great
imagine how easy it’d be to ice skate!
I’d sail on my skates with my tail trailing back
A glorious addition —- with one drawback.
What would I do if I wanted to climb high?
The tail would limit my reach to the sky.

Perhaps I should pick a super long neck
one that could stretch from basement to deck.
The giraffe’s extra height is the best of the lot
I’d like it on me, let’s give it a shot!
Except…it might be tough to fall asleep
with my head so far from my tummy and feet.

So maybe the shell is the best way to go
It would give me protection from wind, sleet and snow.
Glorious! Wonderful! That’s the one for me.
Forget bumps, bruises and double-skinned knees.
I’d never get hurt, never slip, trip or fall…
but then again, I couldn’t play baseball.
I like playing ball, I like it a lot
Now I must give the shell second thought.

Okay, I’ve made up my mind, I’ve got it figured out.
I know what option is the very best route.
Not elephant ears,
Not alligator tail,
Not giraffe neck,
Not shell of a snail…
A pair of new shoes is what I would choose,
There’s nothing to lose with a new pair of shoes!


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