Momma Made Me Grilled Cheese

Momma made me grilled cheese.
Momma burned it bad.
She tried to hide the black bits,
But it made her mad.

Momma made me oatmeal.
Yes, it ran like soup.
She tried to drain the water,
It all slid down the chute.

Momma made me pizza.
It was hard as rock.
She tried to take the crunch out,
She ended up in shock.

Momma made me hash browns
Oily as can be.
She tried to soak the grease up
Then feed them all to me.

Momma made me pork chops.
They were pink inside.
She put them in the microwave,
They came out over-dried.

Momma made me cupcakes.
They tasted just like dust.
She tried to frost them with a spoon
But that spoon had rust.

Momma made me pancakes.
They were nice and hot.
She poured some maple syrup.
I ate them on the spot.

Momma is the best cook
In the whole wide world.
Momma is the top chef
And I’m her little girl!


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