The Sand Box

I took my toys to the sand box.
I took them there to play.
I planned on scooping sand
I thought I’d scoop all day.

Instead when I got there
Charlie took my truck.
Jaden stole my shovel,
I really had no luck.

I grabbed my Tonka back.
I pulled hard on the wheel.
I thought it only fair
Since it isn’t nice to steal.

Charlie started crying,
His mother came to see.
I ran off to the corner
She didn’t blame me.

Now I had my truck
I turned to shovel’s plight.
It wasn’t Jaden’s scoop,
Its return was my right.

Jaden looked surprised
When I pulled it from his hand.
I grabbed it really quick
And then, off I ran.

Now I’m in the sand box.
I have both my toys.
I’m happy as can be
Not like the other boys.

Momma tells me I should share
And I will, you see,
But I only like to share
When YOU share with ME.


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