I woke up at midnight and wanted to play,
You told me to sleep, that you had a big day.
I disagreed with your rationale
Partying all night is good for morale!

So I sat in my crib and had some fun
All of a sudden, the clock chimed ONE.
I caught the giggles and started to laugh
This nighttime party was a real blast.
I pulled at my toes, rolled a few times
That’s when I heard not one, but TWO chimes.

I’m learning my numbers, don’t you see?
If two sounded nice, how about THREE?
I considered sleep, then heard you snore
So I thought it was fair to go for FOUR.
Four is my new goal, four in the morn
You look exhausted but I’m not worn.

You gave me some food so I decided to wait
I figured FIVE would be pretty great
The clock chimed and I felt my first yawn
My eyes got heavy but I could press on
SIX a.m. that’s last call for me
Your alarm clock’s ringing but now I’m sleepy.

Good luck with your day, grab a cup of joe
I’ll be sleeping over here, tell my brother hello!