Kangaroo’s Underoos

Once I met a kangaroo
When I went down under.
This little charming chap
Was quite the local wonder.

You see Mr. Kanga
Didn’t dress like a typical Roo
He insisted on wearing pants
Especially underoos.

Each day a new design,
Each pair clean and bright.
He put them on early
And slept in them at night.

Mr. Kanga’s favorite pair
Were his SUNDAY underoos.
They featured tiny tracks
Covered with choo-choos.

When he woke up MONDAY
He grabbed a fresh pair.
He quickly pulled them up
So his bum wouldn’t be bare.

His Monday underoos
celebrated sports.
They featured tennis balls,
Rackets and courts.

When TUESDAY rolled on in
Kanga woke and whispered, “moo”
Because a spotted cow
Was stitched on his underoos.

Kanga loved the cow
because they both ate plants
the only difference was
cows didn’t wear pants.

WEDNESDAY morning meant
A new set of underoos
The simple mid-week pair
were dyed bright blue.

Kanga’s bright blue pants
left room for his tail
he used it to propel him
as he hopped down the trail

Come THURSDAY morning
Kanga grabbed a new pair
This time they had shapes:
Circles, stars and squares.

Next FRIDAY arrived
to Kanga’s great delight
His Friday underoos
boasted clouds and a kite.

Finally SATURDAY and
just one pair remained
Kanga pretended to fly
Since the pair had planes.

He used his mighty tail
to sail into the sky
his plane underoos
helped him hop, hop, high!

My dear pal, Mr. Kanga
loved when the week was through
Because it meant tomorrow
He wore SUNDAY underoos!