Down on the Farm

Down on the farm where the GREEN grass grows
lives a PINK little pig that everyone knows.
Under a sky that’s BLUE and bright
the pig says “oink” all day and night. 

A lovely BROWN cow rumbles “moo.”
A RED rooster goes “cock-a-doodle-doo.”
Fluffy YELLOW chicks on unstable feet
Sing a chorus of “tweet, tweet, tweet.”

Over in the field BLACK sheep munch
GREEN grass for breakfast and lunch.
They call out “baa” when their bellies are full.
That gets the attention of Mr. Bull.

The big TAN bull snorts and snuffs.
A spooked WHITE dog goes ”ruff, ruff, ruff.”
Then the white dog runs to the barn.
That sets off the horse’s alarm.

The tall GOLD mare lets out a “neigh”
Which startles the goats that are GRAY.
They run over to the fishing pond.
Quacking ducks drop down from beyond.

The team paddles with bright ORANGE feet
Waking the fish down in the deep.
The PURPLE fish swim up to say hi.
They see SILVER flies buzzing by.

The flies take flight in the bright BLUE sky,
The colorful animals let out a sigh.
Expecting quiet now they whisper “bye-bye”
Then they hear “oink-oink” from the pigsty!