I See a Castle

I see a castle.
You see a pile of dirt.
I ford the moat on horseback.
You see me jump over some weeds.
I open the gate and enter the courtyard.
You see me circle the mound of mud.
I plant my flag on top of the lookout.
You see a stick, askew.
I sound the battle cry.
You hear me scream.
I lead the charge.
You see me jump off the dirt pile.
I fight a dozen enemy soldiers!
You see me swat at bushes.
AHH! I am wounded.
You see me fall, panting on the ground.
Just a glancing blow, I recover.
You see me jump up.
There! I see the villain.
You see me skewer a tree.
The castle is safe!
You see me leap back to the pile of dirt.
Victory is ours!!
You see me pump my fists in the air.
The king declares that I am a knight.
You see a dirt-stained boy down on one knee.
“Prepare a feast!” I yell.
“Lunch is ready,” you say.
I sit at the round table.
You see the kitchen, but I know it’s much more.