Once Upon a Hippo

Once upon a hippo,
I met a kangaroo.
We danced with a lion
Who escaped from the zoo.

Then I met a walrus
Chatting with a snake.
I leaned in for a kiss,
That was a mistake!

The whiskers itched my face,
I felt like I would sneeze.
I didn’t have a hanky so
the snake gave me a squeeze.

He didn’t let me loose
Til the tickle left my nose.
I decided to leave them
Once I could feel my toes.

I drifted down the way
And saw a crocodile.
A bird sat on his back,
I looked at them and smiled.

The croc waved me over,
I stopped by to say hi.
The croc called me “lunch”
I yelled a quick goodbye.

Next I met a rhino
Joking with a goose.
I thought they looked quite silly
Sipping cups of juice.

They offered me a drink,
I agreed with a grin.
The juice was delicious.
Of course, that is when

I saw a fiery dragon
Next to a unicorn,
The one had fangs.
The other had a horn.

I looked at them in awe,
I gasped in surprise.
Two mythical creatures,
I couldn’t believe my eyes.

They came over to me
And asked for some juice.
I tried to snap a photo,
They said no with an excuse.

“No one can know we’re real
or what you’ve seen just now.
Please just say you met a
flying pig and a purple cow.”

Of course that’s what I did
And what I’ll always do…
I still wish I had a photo
of me and those two.

If you don’t believe me,
I don’t have a problem with that.
I know the truth
And that is that!