Out to Sea

It’s the type of afternoon that demands an adventure.
Wind ruffles the trees ever so lightly as if to whisper the impossible could come true.

Theodore lays on the grass and stares up at the sky, counting the leaves sharply outlined against the clouds.
“I think I’ll go sailing today.”
His sister, Felicity, turns her head toward him. “But we don’t have a boat.”
“Not yet.” Theodore says with a grin.

Then lightning fast, he’s up and running. Felicity follows not far behind.
Theodore dashes into the house and down the hall to his room. He dives into his closet and starts pulling things out.
“What are you looking for?” Felicity asks.
“I’m not sure. But I’ll know it when I see it.” Theodore responds.
He tosses his old soccer shoes onto the ground. Then a deflated ball plunks to the ground, followed in rapid succession by a puzzle, dozens of legos, a flag from the neighborhood Fourth of July parade and his model car kit.
“Okay, what are we supposed to do with all of this stuff? I still don’t see a boat.”
“Not yet,” Theodore says with a sparkle in his eye.

He gets to work. First he pulls the laces out of the shoes. Then he takes the glue from his model car kit and grabs the scissors out of the box as well. He hands the scissors to Felicity and says, “I want you to cut the ball in half.”
“Are you sure?”
She gets to work as Theodore eyes the rest of his supplies.
What does every sailboat have in common? He asks himself.
“We need a mast and a sail,” he says out loud.

He starts stacking the legos on top of each other, building a tall and sturdy tower. Then he pokes holes through the flag and uses the shoelaces to tie the flag to the lego tower.
“Here’s half of the ball,” Felicity says as she hands him the floppy rubber.
“Good work! Just a few more steps now…” Theodore presses four pieces of the puzzle together to make a base that sits in the bottom of the cut ball. He carefully glues the puzzle into place and then puts a giant blob of glue in the center.
“You do the honors,” he says to Felicity.
She gently picks up the lego mast and flag sail and squishes the base of the tower into the glue.
“Hold it still,” Theodore says.
“Do you think it’s ready?”
“Not yet,” Theodore says, “but we’re almost ready!”

As Felicity holds the lego mast, Theodore digs through his closet once more. He finds an old GI Joe and places him inside the boat.
“Why’d you do that?” Felicity asks.
“Because every boat needs a captain!” he announces with pride.
Felicity carefully hands him the boat and they head back outside.
The wind that ruffled the trees now presses against the sail, making it flutter.
The GI Joe tips forward as if to embrace the waves.
Felicity turns to Theodore and says, “Ready to set sail?”

It is the type of afternoon that demands adventure.
Out on the grass green sea, a little imagination makes the impossible come true.