The Big Storm

It started with a rumble,
I heard it low and loud.
Then I saw a flash
burst from the clouds.

“A big storm” I shouted.
I bolted to the door.
“Please let me see it!”
I was itching to explore.

Dada took my hand in his,
we walked down the hall.
He took me to the lobby
through the windows I saw it all

The rain fell in waves,
water pooled on the street.
I pressed my face to the door;
I dreamed of puddles at my feet.

Then dada cracked the door
I sailed through the break.
I stomped, spun and jumped
splashing water in my wake.

Rain ran down my nose,
water dripped in my eye,
my shoulders got all wet,
thanks to the stormy sky.

Dada joined my rain dance.
We jumped for all to see,
the big storm was ours
all for dada and for me!