Hello, dear readers, I’m Tiffany! Thank you for welcoming my stories into your world. I started this blog out of a love for writing, reading and the belief that exposing children to new ideas enriches us all.

A little about me:

I am a wife and mother of two under two. A storyteller by career and choice. I have a soft spot for chocolate, ice cream, sparkling water and most things that rhyme. I live in San Francisco, but Cincinnati will always be my hometown. As a child, books were my activity of choice. I constantly begged for a few more minutes to finish a chapter, just one more chapter, I promise, this is the last chapter.  And of course, I didn’t turn off the light until I’d reached the end.

TheRobbens2016-4081 (1)Now, I love seeing my son with a book on his lap (typically truck related) and hearing his request for one more story. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it’s because he loves reading rather than just an attempt to delay nap time!  I want him to explore and adventure through universes outside of this one. I want my baby daughter to discover characters she loves and admires.

California has a major effort called “First 5” emphasizing the importance of reading, talking and singing to your children in the first five years of their lives. Every time I see the commercial or billboard, I want to grab a book and start reading to my babes. I wish I could carry a dozen books with me at all times, so free moments could always be filled with learning. I’ve got a giant diaper bag, but even it isn’t that big.

That’s when I realized my phone was the perfect capsule for quick, quirky stories on the go or when the bookshelf is a bit out of reach. However, I was a little disappointed by the free, kid-friendly stories that I found online.  After brainstorming with my wonderful, tech-savvy husband, Toddler Storytime was born. This blog is the combination and culmination of my desire to share new stories with any and all children willing to listen.

I’ve been writing for years as a broadcast journalist (that’s a profession requiring an entirely different blog!). I often send my brothers silly little poems or re-write song lyrics to sing to my children.  I have a bunch of stories gathering dust on my desktop but never knew exactly what to do with them or how to share. Now, I hope through Toddler Storytime, they can provide you with new things to say, new stories to share and new sounds for your children to listen to as they grow!

Please enjoy these little stories with your little (or not so little) ones. I’d love to hear what you think, what questions you have and whether you have any special topic you’d like turned into a story.